Haiti Needs Trees!

A major earthquake struck southern Haiti on Tuesday, knocking down buildings and power lines and inflicting what its ambassador to the United States called a catastrophe for the nation of Haiti.

The Haiti Timber Re-Introdcution Project (HTRIP) asks that you donate to Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles, Haiti. The hospital is filling with patients from Port Au Prince. Every dollar will help earthquake victims directly.

Follow this link to donate directly to the Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles, Haiti.

There is no amount that is too small.

Haiti Needs Trees!

Ninety-eight percent of Haiti has been deforested due to logging for timber, slash-and-burn agriculture, and the cutting of trees to fill the great demand for charcoal. Haiti, once known as "La Perle des Antilles" for its lush plant life and mahogany forests, has lost all of its natural forest cover and has severely impoverished water resources.

The environmental problems in Haiti have a direct, negative impact on its people's economic status, their health and quality of life.

Conservation in the developing world is a complex problem that requires innovative solutions. Understanding that agroforestry in formerly deforested landscapes is a promising strategy, the Haiti Timber Re-Introduction Project was developed to address environmental, economic and health needs which are so desperate in Haiti.

HTRIP plans to plant 1 million trees by 2016! You can help.

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